Get 3M Rock Guard Protection at an Affordable Price

Honda CR-V

Do you have a new vehicle you’d like to protect? Come to Harmony Honda for 3M Rock Guard Protection. This process ensures that your vehicle will stay shiny and fresh for longer. We offer 3M protection at three affordable price points to keep your car safe. Find out more about 3M protection and the options and pricing available.

3M Rock Guard Protection

3M Rock Guard Protection is a clear urethane adhesive film that protects the paint finish on the impact zones of your vehicle. These zones include the leading edge of the hood and bumper, where paint can easily chip in a crash. This invisible film is incredibly durable and is even trusted by the military, NASCAR race teams, and many manufacturers.

Options and Pricing

Which level of protection is right for your vehicle? Check out the variety of 3M Rock Guard Protection options available at our dealership:

  • Gold+ Package: Choose optimum protection for $1,599. This package includes protection for the hood (18”), fenders, mirrors, bumper, headlights, cabin top and pillars, door sills (if plastic), door cups & edges, and trunk ledge.
  • Gold Package: The mid-level package costs $1,099 and protects the hood (18”), fenders, mirrors, bumper, and headlights.
  • Silver Package: The Silver Package is an affordable $599 and includes protection for the hood (18”), fender, mirror, and headlights.

Looking for a more customized protection option? We can tailor your 3M requests to cover whatever you need. Chat with one of our skilled technicians today if you have any questions about customization.

Visit Harmony Honda for 3M Protection Today!

If you want affordable military-grade protection that really works, come to Harmony Honda for 3M Rock Guard Protection today. Visit our dealership at 2550 Enterprise Way in Kelowna, BC to learn more about the protection process, or contact us online at any time. We look forward to meeting you and providing protection for your vehicle!