About Electric Vehicles

1What are some of the benefits of an electric vehicle (EV)?

Electric vehicles (EVs) are powered by electricity from a rechargeable battery. This simplified drivetrain in an EV gives engineers more flexibility to design a spacious interior while improving safety for both drivers and passengers.

2 What’s it like to drive an EV?

EVs offer an adrenaline-pumping drive by providing instant acceleration. By placing the battery in the floor, EVs also have a lower centre of gravity, ensuring agile handling on the road.

3 Would my routine need to change in order to own an EV?

While there will likely be some changes to your routine, like planning ahead for places to charge on longer road trips, the easiest way to keep the same routine is to charge at home. Simply plug in with a Level 2 charger overnight and wake up to a charged battery*. When you do need to charge while on the road, some quick planning can help ensure that you can shop, eat, or run errands while your Prologue charges.

4 How much maintenance is required for an EV?

EVs do not require scheduled oil changes, for example, but will still need regular service on items like tire rotations, alignments, and air filter changes. The Prologue will also need to have its battery, electric motor, and cooling system inspected.

5 What if I want to take a road trip?

Planning ahead and checking what charging options are available en route to your destination can help ensure the best road trip experience possible. Finding the charging stations that will be available on your drive through mobile apps or using Google built-in* in the Prologue can help optimize your charging and keep you on track to arrive at your destination on time. Many public charging stations are now located near restaurants and shopping malls, so you can time your charging with meals or stretch your legs while you wait.

About Charging

1 Do most people charge at home?

Yes. According to Natural Resources Canada, over 80% of EV owners prefer the convenience of charging at home. Similar to charging your cellphone overnight, you can plug in your vehicle, then “set it and forget it” until the morning when you’ll head out with a charged vehicle* and peace of mind. It’s also more cost-effective than public charging stations. Learn more about electric vehicle chargers.

2 How much does it cost to install a charger and how long does it take?

Installation costs vary depending on the electrical system and the type of installation. More information on how to order and install home solutions will be available in the coming months.

3 I can’t install a home charger at my home. Are there other charging options?

The rising number of public charging stations in some areas make it possible to solely use public stations. Many EV drivers often rely on chargers at their workplace.

4 How do I use a public charging station?

Most charging stations accept credit card payments. Some stations accept payment from a phone app but may require you to register for an account.

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