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2016 Honda CR-VThe 2016 Honda CR-V safety features were designed to create a more secure driving experience. Honda places safety as a priority, which is why the CR-V comes with a host of standard features to protect you and your passengers. What makes this SUV so special? Harmony Honda has all the details below.

ACE Body Structure and Air Bags

Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) was utilized to create a precisely constructed cabin that effectively disperses impact energies for maximum protection. Honda analyzed the highest impact zones in a typical vehicle and reinforced those sections for extra strength.

There are six air bags that work in dual-stages throughout the cabin. The rollover sensor system helps deploy side curtain airbags in case of a collision. If you have smaller passengers, then the Smartvent system will deploy weigh-detecting airbags to hold them in place.

Controlled Braking and Vehicle Stability Assist

Four-wheel Anti-Lock Brakes help your vehicle react quickly in various weather conditions. This braking system works with Electronic Brake-Force Distribution, which distributes power based on passenger occupancy. If you brake at the last second, then the system adds all of its force to stop in an instant.

Vehicle Stability Assist monitors for over and understeering, adjusting mechanics as needed for total control on the road. Traction Control detects wheel spin to increase grip. This is particularly useful when you are driving on slippery, icy, or snowy roads.

Available HondaLink Services

HondaLink Services are available for the CR-V. This technology combines an infotainment and safety system in one, and it’s simple to use. Listen to internet radio, add navigation, and view the back of your vehicle from the standard rear view camera. There is also a hands-free Bluetooth connection with bilingual English and French capability.

For no additional subscription, Honda Assist Automatic Emergency Response System connects you with emergency responders if the airbags deploy. As long as you have a Bluetooth-compatible phone paired to the system, you have the security of automatic emergency assistance.

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