2016 Honda Fit Fuel Economy

2016 Honda Fit

If fuel efficiency is top on your list of qualities you want in a subcompact car, then the 2016 Honda Fit might be your choice. It’s got plenty of features that keep your fuel economy high and your emissions low! Check it out today from Harmony Honda.

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Engine and Transmission

2016 Honda FitThe 2016 Honda Fit features Earth Dreams technology, an advanced engine built by Honda that puts fuel efficiency first without harming power and performance. With Earth Dreams, you’ll enjoy all the power you want with the high fuel efficiency and low emissions you need! This 1.5L 4-cylinder engine uses a dual overhead cam shaft and intelligent variable valve timing with lift electronic control, meaning that your engine will only use the fuel it needs to give you the power you want. Direct fuel injection delivers a quick and precise stream of fuel, so you’ll be able to step on the gas and feel the response in a spirited and sporty drive. The Honda Fit engine produces an impressive 130 hp and 114 lb-ft of torque.

EPA Estimates

The Earth Dreams engine found in the Honda Fit means that the 2016 Honda Fit has been classified as a Super Low Emissions vehicle. This means that the Honda Fit produces 90% less emissions than a similar gasoline-powered vehicle that doesn’t have Earth Dreams technology. It’s better for your savings, and better for the environment! The Honda Fit gets fuel efficiency of up to 8.1L/100 km* in the city, 6.4L/100 km on the highway, and 7.3L/100 km* over an average day of driving.

ECO Assist

2016 Honda FitHonda makes it easy to drive efficiently with the Eco Assist system. This standard system measures the fuel efficiency of your Honda Fit moment to moment, calculating data about the gas used per distance driven. On your speedometer, you’ll see bars of light that turn blue or green depending on how efficiently you’re driving. When the lights turn green, you’re driving in the most efficient way possible and getting the most out of your fuel!

Econ Button

Press the Econ mode button, and your Honda Fit will automatically adjust the energy use of your vehicle to help reduce fuel consumption. Not only does it manage power sent to the engine to make the most out of every drop of fuel, it also tweaks the settings of non-essential functions in your Fit to make sure that the power’s going just where it needs to go.

Continuously Variable Transmission

Pick the Continuously Variable Transmission, and you’ll get a transmission you don’t have to think about! This transmission adjusts to road and driving conditions, moving through an adjustable series of gear settings for a perfect drive. Choose steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters for a spirited drive!

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*Fuel consumption for comparison purposes only and may vary with usage and accessories. See dealer for latest EnerGuide results published by Natural Resources Canada (when available).