Honda Plus Protection Programs

Be Prepared for the Unexpected with Honda Plus Protection Programs

Now that you own the Honda of your dreams, we want to help keep your vehicle in pristine condition for many years to come. For added peace of mind, drivers have the opportunity to upgrade their warranty with the comprehensive array of Honda Plus products, which provide a wide range of benefits and protections that can save you time and money if the unexpected occurs.

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The Honda Plus Extended Warranty

Upgrading your warranty to Honda Plus means that you can have worry-free travel for as many as 8 years or 200,000 km. This coverage extends throughout Canada and the continental United States and is fully transferrable at no cost. There is no need to be concerned about out-of-pocket expenses for covered components like your vehicle’s engine, steering, suspension, electrical, ABS, sensors, and much more. Other benefits include:

  • Emergency Lockout Service
  • Winching Service
  • Trip Interruption Benefits
  • Dealer Locator Service
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • And much more!

The Ultimate Care: Appearance Protection Program

If you want to keep your Honda looking like it did the day it left the dealership, there is The Ultimate Care protection plan. This includes Tire and Rim Protection, Owner Comfort Programs, and the Appearance Protection Program.

  • Tire and Rim Road Hazard Protection: During your daily drives in Canada, it is likely that you will encounter road hazards like potholes, chunks of ice, glass, uneven manhole covers, and more. Vehicle damage caused by these dangers can be quite costly. With Tire and Rim Road Hazard Protection Program, you are covered from all costs associated with tire and/or rim repair or replacement. There is no deductable, and there is also coverage for towing as well as food and lodging should you be stranded over 400 km from home due to a road hazard incident.
  • Owner Comfort Programs: This program covers you against expensive accidents that are not covered by your vehicle insurance. Minor dings (up to 2” in diameter), minor chips and cracks in the windshield, replacement of a lost or destroyed key fob, and minor rips/tears and burns in the upholstered vehicle seats are covered under this program.
  • Appearance Protection Program: This protects you from reduced resale value due to environmental damage that can prematurely age your vehicle. You won’t have to worry about paint finish, surface rust, fabric stains, cracked and faded leather, body panel corrosion, or undercarriage corrosion.


2015 Honda CR-ZOnce your lease comes to an end, you will not have to worry about wear and tear as well as your next investment. With Lease-Guard coverage, you can expect:

  • Covered wear and tear charges up to $1,000 per single event
  • A maximum of $7,500 of coverage as your vehicle is returned

This program is only available at the inception of your vehicle lease and can be used at any time within or prior to one year from your scheduled lease termination.

Paint Protection Film and Window Tinting

There are many ways to protect the interior and exterior of your pristine vehicle. One of the ways to ensure your vehicle’s exterior remains in tip-top shape is with automotive paint protection films. These films are virtually invisible and minimize chips, scuffs, and scratches. This type of damage can be quite costly to repair, but paint protection film can prevent it in the first place.

Improving efficiency and keeping your interior like new is simple with window tinting. Rely less on your vehicle’s air conditioning system in warm weather because tinting rejects solar heat. What’s more, tinting the windows of your vehicle can protect its interior surfaces from sun damage. Window tinting can even help protect your valuables by making them less visible to potential thieves.

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