How to Replace Windshield Wipers

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Senior mechanic working on windshield wipersHarmony Honda is your service center for anything from maintenance to intense repairs like engine and transmission work. We can help you through common services like replacing windshield wipers. For those in a hurry, visit our service page to book your appointment for a fast visit. Otherwise, let us show you how to replace windshield wipers. Come in to see us as soon as today for all of your parts and service needs!

Signs Your Wipers Need Replacement

Your windshield wipers will show signs of wear and tear that are hard to miss. For instance, when you notice streaks of water left behind, that means new wipers are needed as soon as possible. Another known signal is a squeaking sound made by the wipers. If the wipers are leaving a film behind, then that’s another sign replacement is necessary.

Essentially, the wipers will dry out over time from being in the sun—this is especially the case for dry times of year.

Replacement Steps

Keep in mind that all windshield wipers are made differently, but these steps are what you can follow in general.

First and foremost, you have to remove the old wipers. Pull the wiper up, so that it is vertically standing. Turn the blade so that it will reveal the hinge and the tab. Pull the tab until you hear a snapping sound, and then pull down on the wiper—that means the wiper is ready to be removed.

Next, you should carefully lay down the metal arm because it’s at risk of falling and cracking your windshield if it stays standing up.

Now, grab the new wiper and place it through the correct matching arm hole. Can’t tell which hole it matches? You simply need to work with the hinge and line it up to the arm to go over it.

Then, push the arm and wiper together to snap them in place. There will be a clear clicking sound. Feel free to put the arm down, and then repeat on the other side.

Change Wipers and More at Harmony Honda

Get to our dealership, Harmony Honda, today to replace windshield wipers! Now that you know how to replace windshield wipers, you can also come in to buy the parts you need. Contact us online for more information, and book your appointment!

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